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What Industries Need Environmental Consultants?

Environmental consultants do not only about helping businesses keep their energy costs down. There is so much more to it. Here is a list of the industry and the environment that are concerns for environmental consultancy.

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To date, not all countries have offshore wind farms. However, this does not mean that there is no work for environmental consultants. There are countries or states that are planning to install wind farms. Before installing, consultants are needed to check out and conduct underwater surveys, assess the impact on marine life, and measure the risk for migratory birds, and secure permits.

In water pollution, stormwater is one major culprit. It collects contaminants that flow through the sewer system before these contaminants go to rivers and creeks. Pre-treating stormwater is one concern of many industrial facilities, municipalities, real estate companies, and other concerned agencies. They need environmental consultants to do proper site inspection, permitting, and system installation.

If there are more regulations in the energy sector, more opportunities follow. An environmental consultant can help with pipeline permits. These are needed since oil and gas companies are now expanding to non-traditional sources of energy. Consultants also help deal with EPA-mandated carbon reductions. This is concerned with helping businesses search for economical ways to change from oil to natural gas. It helps develop ways to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and get permits to comply with environmental regulations such as the Clean Air Act.

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Environmental consultants are also needed for public port authorities. The consultants help rebuild old ports which are destructed after many years of neglect. The ports are small therefore were unable to receive large ships an compete in modern economy. Before dredging ports, the area should be surveyed, permits should be applied for, and disposal of excess materials should be done. All these are what consultants do.

In real estates, environmental consultants are needed as these companies keep on actively renovating and upgrading their properties. Older buildings and those requiring special treatment should be taken care of seriously. Consultants know these things. For new developments, environmental consultants are essential to help in conducting mandatory environmental site assessments.

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