Martes, Oktubre 15, 2013

How Frequently Should You Feed Your Kitten?

If you not sure how frequently you should feed your cat, you can ask the advice of Perth Mobile Vet. When you have talked to your veterinarian, you can be at peace that you are choosing the right foods and right feeding schedules. This can give you peace of mind that you are on the right track to giving your kitten the healthiest life possible.

It is imperative to feed your kitten the right amount of cat food at correct intervals. This can be tricky as feeding requirements differ largely from one kitten to another. There are available feeding guides on the food can or bag you can choose from. This is just a starting point. It is crucial that your kitten's health and her physical condition are checked religiously. It is also important that the feeding amount is adjusted as necessarily.

You can seek help from Mobile vet which of these three feeding styles is best for your kitten:

1. Free Choice

This means that food is available to your kitten at all times.

2. Time-Limited Feeding

This means that food is available to your kitten for a limited time only.

3. Meal Feeding

This means that a measured amount of food is available to your kitten at particular feedings times each day.

You can help your kitten grow up healthy by simply following these simple steps:

a.   Make sure you regularly weigh your kitten.

b. Ascertain that you feed your kitten depending on the feeding guides and veterinary recommendations.

c.   Assess your kitten's physical condition every two to three weeks for the first six months.

d.   Ascertain whether you need to adjust the amount you feed the kitten as neded.

e.   After the first six months, most mobile vet recommends that you, with your veterinarian’s help evaluate your kitten's physical condition every few months.

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