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How To Address A Dog’s Aggression?

The most dangerous and the most terrifying dog behavior is aggression. In some cases this may be one of the reasons why some dogs are put to sleep or euthanized. Although dogs are said to be the best kind of pet men can have we should also remember that dogs are still predator, they are capable of inflicting wounds that maybe fatal for us human.

Let us try to understand where a dog’s aggression may be coming from. There may be several reasons
why a dog displays aggression. One of which is when a dog feels that he is threaten in any way he will show aggression as a defense, to protect himself. 

Territorial aggression, our pet dogs are ready to defend our home, our possession, their food, their off spring and even us when the need arises. That is way there are watchdogs. This type of aggression is helpful.

Pain could also be a trigger factor for a dog to be aggressive. A dog in pain feels vulnerable and any slight action or movement may cause him to react violently. This may also be true to some aging dogs with dull senses.

As we all know another reason for aggression is reproduction. A male dog’s drive to reproduce can trigger aggression towards other dogs or the people surrounding him.

A dog’s aggressive behavior should not be taken for granted. Your dog could launch serious attacks that may put you, your family and other people in serious danger. It would be better for you to seek professional help. So they could further evaluate the aggressive behavior of your pet. Then once the cause of aggression has been pin pointed then you could start planning on what to do next for your dog. You could also take him to a dog training course where they could help your dog with his aggressive behavior.  

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