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How To Save Energy With Your Home Insulation

Home insulation provides the regulation of temperature in your home. With proper knowledge and usage, you can even save a lot in energy and costs. There are many ways to do this and the following suggestions can help.

The first is with your cold drafts which are uncomfortable and can cost you a much when it comes to your heating bill. So, how do you warm up inside during the cooler months, without burning through your budget?

What you need to do is first locate where the drafts are coming in by using a candle. Light the wick and hold the flame near doors and windows. Notice where it flickers and here is where your drafts are.

Use curtains and door sweeps once you have identified all of the draft sources to keep the heat in. One of the greatest energy-efficient insulators is your curtains. They will beautify your home and down your heating bill at the same time. Another low-cost means to keep cold air out is your door sweeps. They are also easy to install so you will not really have any problem doing it yourself.

The use of reflective home insulation(link) is another budget-friendly way to keep the heat inside your home. This is easy to do. Wrap a piece of cardboard with some tin foil and put it behind the radiator with the shiny side facing out. This helps prevent the wall from absorbing heat and reflects the heat back into the room.

Try one of these easy ways to increase the efficiency of your home insulation before you even decide on changing your thermostat. You will be amazed at how simple it is to save a lot on your heating costs while enjoying efficient heating in your home.

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